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Parenting then and now...

Few weeks back when my parents landed in Mumbai, I did get into this cooking spree which by now has lessened since Maa is here and we all know how obsessed we are with our mother’s food that we detest trying out otherwise.
Now one of the days when I dished out a simple item like “chapati” to Baba, he was pleasantly surprised at my culinary expertise (the reason I boast of it is because he has been sadly the only person who has relentlessly tried my cooking disasters with a smile...and sometimes they had been real d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r-s)
Baba, who is otherwise a gentleman of fewest of words really appreciated the hot round servings of the flat bread, adding on that they were even better than Maa’s! That was a huge compliment though!
Now here the point isn’t to exhibit or promote my culinary excellence but to talk about some of the key tenets of great parenting skills which my parents have showcased (and are still). My parents never believed in the idea of constant pat on the backs, which h…