My fitness is a reality and not a myth!

I always apprehend trying new clothes, lest I do not fit into them, the clothes being small. Though by now I have accepted my body type,  however somewhere deep down the line I aspire to look as I did years ago. Being a mother who has undergone a C-section, it is obvious to gain weight but it is not obvious why I should not lose some. The other day while discussing this pressing issue with some friends, one of them was quick to advice me, being a mother already I do not need to lose weight, rather I should look like a mother! I really do not know what that meant! I was quite taken aback by this statement, and immediately replied that being a mother it is all the more essential for me to take care of myself. If i fail to do so, I fail to nurture my family too. Sometimes, going by such conventional comments a woman feels quite demotivated to remain fit which is the need of the hour. In fact, women of all age groups should take upon themselves to keep themselves healthy, both physiolo

Do women really have acceptibility?

Do women really have acceptibility is a question to reckon with. The point of acceptibility is graver a concern when she reaches another household (by virtue of a wedlock) with a culture starkly different from hers. Most often than not, to avoid sounding misogynistic, her new folks claim to call her their daughter. This "too good to believe a deal" wears off soon when she understands her acceptibility is not remotely connected to the humane individual she is but because she seems to have adapted to the new culture! This means how well she can rustle up a meal that she has learnt for she needs to appease the new roommates who also happen to be her new family. And very soon she turns into a trophy daughter in law whom the new household can flaunt of. This also fulfils a sadistic pleasure when the mother in law can boast about her in the presence of her friends/family/relarives, basically all those who are either cursing or cribbing about their own daughter in law! In this tu

We are like our mothers!

Few days back I had unknowingly hurt my right palm resulting in a lot of pain and discomfort. The moment the man of the house came to know of it he panicked, of course out of sheer concern and care. He immediately administred an instant first aid, that minimised the pain relatively. However the discomfort persisted. The night was quite painful and hence sleep deprived resulting in a freaking zombie the next morning. The man of the house yet again came to the rescue and advised complete rest for the day looking at my zombied demeanor, compromising on the first tea of the day and the breakfast. As another day passed in between, things seemed back to zero wherein I ended up doing all the usual household chores, my bruised palm taking a backseat in turn. Though the man of the house insisted me to keep a bandage on, I refused on the pretext that I need to get some essentials done. While doing so, I was reminded as to how our mothers face the same fate each day at home; they fall ill, th

Life doesn’t come with a manual, a mother does!

Mother...the magical word crafted with real love, for every child. They say, she was deliberately created and softly placed at all places where God could not be there! And how true it remains till date. Mother...or Mumma surprisingly is the first word a baby utters and that, not only becomes a major milestone in his/her life but also the mother’s. Mother...a flesh and bone human whose more than half the physiological system is governed and ruled by emotions is the biggest support that a child has; she chides, she hides, she loves, she scolds, she is easily angered, but she exudes a perennial warmth that can calm down all the storms that shake us up. Mother...the softest creature created by the almighty can suddenly become a superhuman entity when her child is troubled and the next moment she melts like your favorite ice cream! Mother...of any generation or genre remains the same; you miss 3 calls from her and you are pronounced dead! You drop one glass and she assumes you can brin

Parenting then and now...

Few weeks back when my parents landed in Mumbai, I did get into this cooking spree which by now has lessened since Maa is here and we all know how obsessed we are with our mother’s food that we detest trying out otherwise. Now one of the days when I dished out a simple item like “chapati” to Baba, he was pleasantly surprised at my culinary expertise (the reason I boast of it is because he has been sadly the only person who has relentlessly tried my cooking disasters with a smile...and sometimes they had been real d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r-s) Baba, who is otherwise a gentleman of fewest of words really appreciated the hot round servings of the flat bread, adding on that they were even better than Maa’s! That was a huge compliment though! Now here the point isn’t to exhibit or promote my culinary excellence but to talk about some of the key tenets of great parenting skills which my parents have showcased (and are still). My parents never believed in the idea of constant pat on the backs, which

When parental overview comes under the scanner!

Recently a piece of news information that startled the human out of me was a 16 year old brutally killing a 7 year old for a reason still unfathomable, and later showing absolutely no remorse for his heinous actions! Yes, I am referring to the Ryan International School , Gurugram scenario, wherein a child got brutally murdered in broad daylight and for months the investigating department officers had no clue as to how to approach further. But as they say, truth finds it’s way and so it did in this, when the two days back the entire nation woke up to the news of the real convict, who by virtue of his age, happens to be a minor but unlike so by virtue of his actions. The case of young Pradyuman getting brutally murdered within  school premises, makes us question the safety and security of our own children. The case being one of its kind did send a chill down our spines, leave alone make us brood over the death of an innocent life which was yet to bloom! The case and it’s convict rai

An Ode To Our Mothers...

I hear your heartbeat within me, I feel you within me. Who am I? I am a mother! I help you open your eyes to this beautiful world. Who am I? I am a mother! I hold you while you take those wobbly steps for the first time. Who am I? I am a mother! I withhold my tears when your tiny hands leave mine to hold your first teacher's. Who am I? I am a mother! I strain my already tired self just to console you when you are scared at night. Who am I? I am a mother! I watch the time race ahead, but wait patiently for you to eat first after you return weary due to work. Who am I? I am a mother! I pop a pill at times to keep up a strong front to let the home run in tune. Who am I? I am a mother! I forgo my meals to keep you full. Who am I? I am a mother! I sacrifice my happiness to put yours ahead. Who am I? I am a mother! I pose a pleasant disposition even though I am broken from inside. Who am I? I am a mother! I rest way past bedtime after all have rested their tired backs. Who am