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Chota Bheem: An analogy too far to be fathomable

I do not know if anyone has yet used an analogy as weird as this one-the more I watch “Chota Bheem” along with my toddler, the more amused I find myself! Chota Bheem, to me is way beyond a mere cartoon character, for me he is that hapless citizen of a nation whose government doesn’t believe in its own powers but relentlessly keeps vesting in a lot of aspiration in him; again, Chota Bheem is that employee under an inefficient leader who doesn’t hesitate to give him the sole responsibility of the entire organization (if I may assign “Dholakpur” village as that) each time he meets an adversity!
Chota Bheem, who is constantly battling all odds and upstarts to keep the “best employee”/“best citizen” award on his crown intact, is, deemed nothing but an half-witted individual according to me. He rises to the occasion each time his government/supervisor resigns to his fate; he wards off malignant forces that time an again threaten his nation or the organization, does tasks which are otherwis…

Secret Superstar: A true reflection of our societal stereotypes

“Secret Superstar” a film that the nation is going gaga over is a story of any other Indian girl whose life has no real celebration, whose life has no purpose, the only one being satiating her husband in every possible means!
Don’t we have abundance of “Inziyas” around the society? They are the girls whose birth isn’t anticipated much, whose self esteem is crippled and crushed, whose wishes and desires die a muffled death. And these are initiated at the hands of their own kith and kin!
The film revolves around a young girl’s sole aspiration of becoming a renowned singing sensation, that gets brutally trampled by the male chauvinist ego of her father; a father who believes in acting as an autocratic force of power in the entire household; a father who bashes his wife at the drop of a hat; a father who becomes the flag bearer of extreme favoritism towards the male child. The film is Inziya’s single handed struggle to fulfill her dream and also free her mother from her perpetrating part…